On Autonomy

As we attempt to construct a universally applicable standard of morality, we inevitably encounter the highly debatable issue of autonomy: namely, questions arise such as ‘what is the nature of autonomy?’ or ‘are we really autonomous at all?’. These questions are of the utmost importance to a system of ethics in which every individual is … Continue reading On Autonomy


Review of Brian Fawcett’s ‘The Last of the Lumbermen’

Author: Brian Fawcett Reviewed by: Andrew Brobyn DETAILS Publisher: Cormorant Books Price: $21.95 TP w/flaps ISBN: 978-1-77086-287-6 Page count: 285 pp. Size: 5¼ x 8 Released: Sept. 2013   To those unaccustomed with the game of hockey, watching a seasoned and gifted player in action may spark the innocent thought, “Hey, I could do that!” … Continue reading Review of Brian Fawcett’s ‘The Last of the Lumbermen’

Post-Anarchist Meta-Ethics: Balancing Social and Individual Liberty

Introduction In light of recent developments in the colloquial description of ‘anarchy’ and the practical demonstrations of ‘anarchist’ activity across the globe (ranging from protests throughout Europe, revolution in the Middle-East, and the recent Occupy movement), the word ‘anarchy’ is in need of a clear and simple definition that captures the general philosophical sense of true anarchy; … Continue reading Post-Anarchist Meta-Ethics: Balancing Social and Individual Liberty

Reflections on Songs beyond Bounds

Clicking on the picture below will link you to my review of Marc di Saverio's debut poetry collection, Sanatorium Songs (Palimpsest Press). I first met Marc in the strangest way that I imagine you could meet someone--through the graffiti of a sanatorium lavatory. We were later (formally) introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance who believed … Continue reading Reflections on Songs beyond Bounds