A Page Turning Prayer: Reviewing Jim Johnstone’s ‘Dog Ear’

There exists a quote by Leonard Cohen regarding Charles Bukowski that struck me in my adolescence, “He brought everybody down to earth, even the angels.” For the much-accomplished Jim Johnstone, award-winning Toronto poet and author of Dog Ear, I would say the opposite is true—his work elevates us: ‘Bringing the ghetto uptown’, so to speak—fitting … Continue reading A Page Turning Prayer: Reviewing Jim Johnstone’s ‘Dog Ear’


Reflections on Songs beyond Bounds

Clicking on the picture below will link you to my review of Marc di Saverio's debut poetry collection, Sanatorium Songs (Palimpsest Press). I first met Marc in the strangest way that I imagine you could meet someone--through the graffiti of a sanatorium lavatory. We were later (formally) introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance who believed … Continue reading Reflections on Songs beyond Bounds